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Remember VINE Star A-Town . . . Well He's Now BROKE . . . Claims Manager STOLE ALL HIS MONEY!!! (VIDEO)

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A Town used to be INSEPARABLE from his manager SNACKS. Well now the former internet sensation is fighting with him
A-Town and his mother took to social media yesterday – to explain how they believe that manager Snacks was EMBEZZLING money from them.

And A-town claims he can't make a living anymore. They say that SNACKS sold their Instagram and Twitter pages.

Well, now that Snacks has made off with all of his money and left them broke, A-Town has two options. He can take legal action and try to sue his former manager for the embezzlement or her can set up a new Instagram and a Youtube page and get it cracking again.

His manager has always been a little suspect. Remember back in 2014 A-Town he was photographed and filmed smashing a thot in a hotel room? Well, it was his manager, Snacks who took the incriminating photograph and shot him getting "neck" under the sheets before he climbed on top of her and began having intercourse while simultaneously making his unique "bird call" noises.

Now if that's not a manager trying to exploit his client in any way possible to secure that bag, then we don't know what is.

And as much as Snacks is in the wrong, A-Town's mama should have protected her son's interests better. She seems like a smart lady - and let's keep it real - he son isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box! His vulnerability leaves him wide open to people who will take advantage. We hope they've learned a valuable lesson from this.