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Patrice Brown, a beautiful teacher from Atlanta, became a social media sensation called "teacher bae" last year. And now that new pics show that Patrice is pregnant, she's going viral again. But this time for not so flattering a reason.

Some people on social media are trying to SHAME Patrice for getting pregnant outside of a marriage. They're even calling her #SingleMamaBae.

Look at this viral post on Twitter, an obvious attempt at shaming the woman. It's being shared all over social media.

But the Twitter pregnancy shamers have it all wrong. Patrice IS in a healthy relationship with the father of her child, according to her social media posts.

And while she admits that the pregnancy was "unexpected", everyone is excited about the new baby.

Here's a post showing Patrice talking about how happy she and her babys father are about the pregnancy:


Patrice also opened up on social media about losing her father this year. According to Patrice, her new baby is bringing joy to the family after "having a major loss."