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Remember Tahiry . . . Joe Budden's EX On LOVE & HIP HOP . . . Well She Turned 40 Years Old!!

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Congratulations are in order to Tahiry Jose, the beautiful Instagram model who gained fame by dating rapper Joe Budden, and landing a starring role on Love And Hip Hop.

In celebration of turning the big 4-0, Tahiry has been releasing more and more revealing pics. Tahiry wants to show folks that nowadays, a woman in her 40s can be just as sexy and beautiful as a woman in her 20s.

Here are some of her more GRAPHIC images:

First graphic image

Second graphic image


Here are some special birthday pics:

And today's 40 isn't what it used to be. She still looks amazing. Here are some of her recent modeling pics: and videos:

We haven't really heard too much lately from the former reality TV star, Tahiry. She definitely is still gorgeous.

But, last year, she had something to say about former boyfriend, Joe Budden. VH1 reported that:

Last year she was being unbothered on her way to a concert and, "when people kept poppin’ in to say, “Joe’s having a baby with Cyn,” she took a real quick cool minute to say wassup."

Her first comment, “Y’all just found out. I’ve been knew it boo. And I’m sooo happy for them.”

To another fan, she clapped back, “Naw, it came up in my feed. I’m genuinely happy for them. We have NO beef. I forgot y’all like messy s–t. And don’t know us. Or my heart. FOH. Pls stop trying to make it into what’s not.”

Now, that is how a grown woman (publicly) responds to the news that her ex is expecting a child with his new partner. Kudos to Tahiry for keeping it classy, as always.

Tahiry and Joe’s love story ended years ago (as far as we know).