Remember That STRIPPER That NBA Star Paul George IMPREGNATED . . . Well He Just Had ANOTHER Baby With Her!! (Is He . .. The DUMBEST Man In Sports??)


Three years ago, there were rumors that Paul George got a stripper, Daniela Rajic, pregnant and then attempted to then pay her $1 million to not have the baby and have an abortion. Rajic declined and gave birth to a baby girl she named Olivia.

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After giving birth, Daniela filed a paternity suit, and things got MESSY - with Paul seeking full custody of Olivia. After a month-long custody battle, the two made peace in a New York courtroom.

Now, three years later, Daniela convinced Paul to have another child with there. She gave birth yesterday.

Here she was yesterday:

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And here's them with their FIRST daughter:

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