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Remember The Popular 1980s ADULT FILM STAR Named Ebony Ayes . . . Well She Now Teaches SUNDAY SCHOOL . . . And Looks Like A Lil Ole CHURCH LADY!!!


Most adult film stars end up BROKEN by the end of their careers, but not popular 1980s adult film star Ebony Ayes. She's doing better than ever. Ebony has given her life to God, and is raising her family in rural Georgia.

Next time y'all see that cute old lady in church . . . remember she's got a PAST:

She was born Phyllis Roberts on January 28, 1962, making her 54 years old, but today she goes by the name Phyllis Roberts-Harris, or simply Phyllis Harris, ever since marrying a man ten years her junior named Chad Albert Harris from Port Arthur, Texas. The couple has two young adult children, a son and a daughter, who were given a strict religious upbringing and are probably still in the dark about their mother’s raunchy past. The family makes their home in Stone Mountain, Georgia (public record) and attend the West End Congregation Church of Christ in Atlanta, under the leadership of Pastor Orpheus J. Heyward.

What we’ve learned about her:

“Ebony Ayes”, or rather Phyllis Roberts-Harris, is a Sunday School teacher for the children of the church . . . [and] some type of sweet old “church lady."

Here are some pics of her, allegedly: