Remember ONE HIT WONDER Rapper Chamillionaire . . . Well You Won't BELIEVE How Much He's Worth NOW!!!


Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Seriki is probaby best known for his song 'Riding Dirty", which was his only real musical success.

But since then, Chamillionaire has had a ton of BUSINESS success. It started when Hakeem invested in Maker Studios, during their first round of financing - at the time, the company was only valued at $1.5M.

Chamillionaire cashed out 4 years later, when the same company was sold to Disney for $1 BILLION. Chamillionaire's estimated take was $50M.

Since then, the 200s rapper has invested in at least a DOZEN other companies, and is hoping to bring in similar returns.

It's kind of working. He was sitting FRONT ROW at last night's Lakers-Warriors game.