Remember ONE HIT WONDER Rapper Chamillionaire . . . Well You Won't BELIEVE How Much He's Worth NOW!!!

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Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Seriki is probaby best known for his song 'Riding Dirty", which was his only real musical success.

But since then, Chamillionaire has had a ton of BUSINESS success. It started when Hakeem invested in Maker Studios, during their first round of financing - at the time, the company was only valued at $1.5M.

Chamillionaire cashed out 4 years later, when the same company was sold to Disney for $1 BILLION. Chamillionaire's estimated take was $50M.

Since then, the 200s rapper has invested in at least a DOZEN other companies, and is hoping to bring in similar returns.

It's kind of working. He was sitting FRONT ROW at last night's Lakers-Warriors game.