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Remember The Guy Who SANG BASS In The Group Boyz II Men . . . Well He's NOT DOING WELL . . . He's Going On IYANLA FIX MY LIFE!!!


Remember Michael McCary, he's the guy who sang bass in the group Boyz II Men? They seemed like the PERFECT GROUP - with all members the best of friends. But behind closed doors, the group was anything but perfect.

In reality, Michael was forced out of the group, and his life spiraled out of control. The singer is now trying to get his life together, and he reached out to Iyanla Vanzant to help with his abandonment issues...

Why did they kick him out the group? Well actually he left because they were trying not to pay him, allegedly. Here's Michael's side of things:

“For four years...I’ve been working out my body to get my health right, to get my body right...get my mind right. It’s time to just go ‘head and move forward. The initial thing was we were supposed to do a reunion a couple years back and it all came down to money. It all came down to the fellas wanted to split three ways, instead four ways and wanted to pay me basically like a baggage handler. And it just...just didn’t make sense to me.