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Remember COMPTON Rapper YG . . . Well Umm . . . They Just Posted Some UN-GANGSTER-LIKE Pics Of Him!!!


Los Angeles rapper YG is a certified gang affiliated rapper. Most people don’t QUESTION his credentials.

YG has been busy making music as well as calling out President Donald Trump every opportunity that he gets.

“He can’t be counted on to handle these issues. This issue is important to the black community, period. It’s life,” YG told CNN. “This s— is bigger than hip-hop. … We’re supposed to use our platform to speak up and bring our brothers together and put some light on some of this s— that’s not right for our people.”

“They’re scared on what comes with it, what could come with it,” YG said, adding, “They’re not doing business with Trump. … They’re saying they ain’t political. They ain’t going to get into all this s—… I’m not political either bro, but guess what? All that s— matters.”

Well, why we are with him in his sentiment for the commander in chief, we’re not so sure about his new change in direction when it comes to his attire.

Gone are the loose fitting jeans, tee, and sneakers. The est Coast rapper now has a liking for tight jeans, dress shoes and fur. Some are saying that he is looking a little suspect.

Do you like his new clothes or should he fire his stylist?

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But umm . . . someone just posted THIS PIC online . . .

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