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Remember 2000s Rocker Travis McCoy . . . Look What The DRUGS DID TO HIM!! (PICS)


2000s rocker Travis McCoy was on top of the world. He had multiple top records, and he was dating Katy Perry - the biggest female pop star at the time.

Then things started to go bad, when he got hooked on drugs. Travis first started taking pills, then eventually he graduated to heroin.

Back in 2017 during a podcast interview on R.A. The Rugged Man’s Ignorant Long Island Guy’s Podcast, Travie disclosed how he beat a heroin addiction that could have killed him:

“I tore my ACL, MCL, meniscus; twisted all that shit up so I’m in the hospital all summer and they put me on OxyContin,” McCoy, 35, recalled. “And they sent me home with a prescription full [of Oxy] and from that point on … and the first time I ran out, I got hella sick withdrawals.”

His career flopped, Katy left him, and he spiraled into a VERY BAD PLACE.

Well Travis now claims to have beaten his addiction - and is back to making music again. But one look at his face shows the damage that the drugs did to him.


HipHopDX reported that Travie, "Opted to cold turkey to kick the habit instead of following a doctor’s advice to re-up on the potent pills led to McCoy being clean for a year, though he was eventually going as far as snorting crushed Oxy on the recreational tip. From there, instead of draining his pockets with the $30-a-pill street price for the painkillers, McCoy says he made the ill-advised decision to switch to full-blown heroin to feed the need. And he admits he was a functioning addict."

Thankfully he was able to finally kick the habit.