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Remember In The 2000s When Diddy Created That Male Singing Group DAY 26 . . . Well They All PUT ON A COUPLE EXTRA DAYS!!!


The group Day 26 is back – and they’re singing again. The group has decided to get back together – and they’re all a lot more mature and hungry, and we mean that LITERALLY.

Willie, Robert, Brian and Mike met as up-and-coming singers, all fighting for a chance to become superstars through the MTV show, Making The Band.

Last summer, the group reunited for their 10-year anniversary reunion tour. Speaking at the time to VH1, they stated that they were focused on delivering a good show for fans, but not looking too far ahead, saying:

"Right now, it's just a concert. We just really wanted to establish our 10-year anniversary and do something big for the fans. The fact that the fans responded so quickly to it...they're very excited. And I think that was the biggest wake up for, we left a void. People watched us. It's different with groups like Jagged Edge and Dru Hill because y'all didn't get an inside look at them. With Day 26, the people helped build it, they laughed and cried with us. Everyone feels a certain connection to [the group], and that's why the response has been so great."

Day 26's reunion comes at an opportune time. Several high profile R&B groups have reconciled to fill the apparent gap in the music market.

Just over the past year, Xscape regrouped, embarked on a national tour and had their own reality television show courtesy of Bravo. Pretty Ricky also recently announced their plans to reunify on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Miami.

They can still sing . . . There’s just a lot more to all of them – except Willie.

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