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MTO SHOCK PICS: Remember EMINEM'S Group D12 . . . Well Here They Are NOW . . . Without ANY SHIRTS!! (YUCK)

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Eminem’s Detroit rap group D12 were never in great shape, to begin with.

But now they look like MELTED ICE CREAM!!

Bizarre has not been on anybody's radar for quite some time, but when Joe Budden trashed Eminem's album on the Complex show, Everyday Struggle, he used the opportunity to catapult himself into the spotlight.

Budden had commented:

“I gotta see how Ed Sheeran fits in your story. I gotta see how the f*ck P!nk, my n*gga, fits in your story. I don't know how Phresher—I don't know how any of these people fit in what you are seeing. And from what I know, Em, it sounds trash. Even though it didn't come with audio, we're looking at it, and the common folk are saying, 'This looks trash.'"

Bizarre then got his panties in a bunch over his remarks, and a pointless Twitter beef took place with Budden dismissing Bizarre and the chubby D12 rapper making ridiculous threats.

Speaking to XXL, he said:

“Eminem didn't tell me anything... I haven't even spoken to him about who the song was for or about,” Bizarre told them. “When I first heard Joe say something about the shit, I wanted to say something then, but it wasn't my place to jump out there. So when I heard Marshall going in on people that were going hard on him and his album [on "Chloraseptic (Remix)"], I'm just like, ‘Yeah you, Joe motherfucking Budden. You.’”

Frankly, nobody is checking for Bizarre and his buddies, we just wish that they'd keep their shirts on.

Look at this mess!

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