Reginae's Rapper BOYFRIEND YFN Lucci Caught CHEATING . . . Pics Alleged Side Chick!!

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Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter and her new boyfriend rapper YFN Lucci have been everywhere together. It seems like over the last few months - the young couple has been inseparable.

Well they were separate on Friday - and it appears that Lucci got caught CREEPING. New images show Lucci out on Friday hugging up with a well endowed young lady. According to social media, Reginae was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.

Here's how one Lucci fan explained it on Instagram, "Lucci is a rapper, he's allowed to F**K whoever he wants. Reginae knows what it is. She grew up in the game."

It's not clear whether Reginae is actively allowing her boyfriend to cheat.

Here is the image of Lucci and the alleged side chick:


Back in March Reginae and YFN Lucci took their relationship public. 

BET reported that it happened at an event in Atlanta. The report said, "After a few failed attempts at dodging paparazzi while out with her rapper bae, Lil Wayne’s oldest made things official when she not only popped up at the "grown up prom" event with Lucci, but nabbed prom queen alongside her king. Upon being crowned, the 19-year-old Clark Atlanta freshman and her 27-year-old boo danced and took lots of photos together."

Despite having an eight year age difference, the two seemed in love just back in April. And because of Reginae's star status according to reports, "they’ve been dealing with some hate from some people for their age difference. In fact, just last month Lucci snapped back at someone on Twitter who said they would “beat the shit out a ni66a 30yrs old trying date my 18-19 yr old daughter,” however Lucci isn’t 30, and he reminded the twitter user that. "Who's 30 bitch?" he said.