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EXCLUSIVE: Reginae Carter GOES OFF . . . After People On Social Media . . . Call Her Baby Sister . . . UGLY!! (PICS Of The Baby Plus VIDEO)

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Toya Carter – Reginae’s mom – just gave birth to an adorable little girl REIGN a few weeks ago – and already sister REGINAE is forced to defend the baby.
People on social media are calling the newborn child “ugly.”

Reginae called out those calling her baby sister ugly on social media, stating that Reign is the most beautiful baby that she has ever seen and that she and her family will continue to be blessed.

The fans didn't care and proceeded to go in on Reginae instead. Here are a few of the comments:

"Her and Her mom clearly love the spotlight. Y'all take constant photoshoots showing yourselves off!! You can't be mad when you chose this life for you and your kids. The baby was fresh out of her cooch and had a IG page. If you choose this life then this is what you have to deal with. I'm mature and a mother so I'd never speak bad about a child. However they have to realize that not everybody on social media has morals and values."

"topppp cus if she wasn’t famous in the hood on the block that Bby would of STILL been called ugly 🤷🏾‍♀️💯❗️ It’s a f*ck up world out here sis ....welcome to it❗️Now does tht make it’s okay for ppl to comment evil things NO they will get there’s thoee don’t even trip. But don’t cry wolf either when you go around calling ppl with less money than you broke Nd ugly ... oops 💁🏾"

"Damn devil was just in her ass now she bringing up god talking bout blessing n sh*t😂😂😂 this sh*t hella funny"

The internets have no chill. Watch Reginae's emotional video below.

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Here is the alternate link for the video