Reginae Carter and her rapper boyfriend YFN Lucci have decided to get back together again, MTO News has learned.

The couple split last month, after reports that YFN Lucci was cheating on Reginae surfaced online.

Reginae is the daughter to rapper Lil Wayne and reality star Toya Carter. 

It’s no secret that Carter is a daddy’s girl to her core, so fans were extremely shocked to see a post of her boyfriend go up on her Instagram feed instead of her father’s. She uploaded three pictures of the “Heartless” rapper and his four children to her timeline, sending the 28-year-old a special Father’s Day shoutout.

Fans instantly blasted Carter for her arrangement of Father’s Day posts because she posted a Father's Day tribute to her own dad, Lil Wayne AFTER she posted the one about Lucci.

“Lol wait… shorty posted her man that she has no kids with before her pops 🤦🏾 smh.. Happy Father’s Day Wayne .”

“How you gonna post him before your dad, man Clown 🤡.”

“I know she didn’t post him before Wayne?! Oh hell nah 😂😂 girl this ain’t the move.”

“Posting her boyfriend before the 🐐 is a step mama move 😂 post Wayne sis.”

She and Lucci initially started dating 2 years ago, when Reginae was only 18 years old - and Lucci was 28. Surprisingly both her mother and father approved of the teen Reginae dating the much older rapper.

But their two year relationship has been tumultuous. Lucci, who has at least two children, with two babies mothers, has been caught cheating on Reginae multiple times.

The latest time he was caught occurred in March on social media, when Lucci was photo'd out on a date with an alleged side piece.

When that occurred, Reginae dumped Lucci and many believe that she was dumping him for good.

Unfortunately, Reginae went back on her word. The website Sandra Rose is reporting that Reginae recently took her cheating rapper bae back.