Reginae Carter Clears Up Recent Remarks On Not Putting Anybody 'On'


Reginae Carter hopped on live to clear up recent remarks she made during an interview where she said in future relationships she's gonna "not making nobody famous," was not aimed at her ex, YFN Lucci.

Speaking to her fans, Reginae says that she does not want any drama and that her words were not in reference to her recent breakup with Lucci.

"I'm not bringing no dudes on the show," Reginae told Page Six. "I'm not making nobody famous. I'm not putting nobody on no more."

Reginae also said that while she is open to dating, she's considering heading to LA for a fresh start.

It's hard dating in Atlanta -- everybody knows everybody. I definitely feel like I need to leave and go to LA; that's like, probably the only place that I can go.

" It is hard to decipher who's real and who's fake," she continued. "All I can say to myself and other people is keep checking your bank account."