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Reggie Bush APPEARS TO CONFIRM . . . That He Cheated On His WIFE . . . And May Have IMPREGNATED His Side Chick!! (Pics Of The SIDE PIECE HERE)

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Last week, rumors began to spread that Reggie Bush had impregnated Miami waitress Monique Exposito, and that he offered her MILLIONS in hush money to have an abortion. Well now insiders are telling TMZ that Reggie is demanding a DNA test but will absolutely take responsibility IF the baby is his.

Monique, who is married and also rumored to be the longtime mistress of a retired Miami Heat player, is due to give birth in February.

Meanwhile Reggie's reps tell TMZ

"He's aware of the rumors and remains happily married."

Reggie is married to his wife Lilit Bush.

Here is Monique:

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