Ozuna, one of the most popular Latino Reggaeton artists, has been hit with an explosive scandal.

According to reports from Puerto Rico, Ozuna was being blackmailed over a "gay" s*xtape. And the man accused of blackmailing Ozuna was murdered recently.

Yesterday, Ozuna's management confirmed that he was being blackmailed over a s*xtape. The Puerto Rican reggaeton star issued a statement Wednesday claiming to be the victim of an extortion attempt. Ozuna's reps wrote that the extortioner was attempting to use an "intimate video" of the musician made when he was a minor.

Ozuna's lawyer added, "Urban artist Ozuna was extorted through an intimate video filmed when he was a minor. This video was edited with the objective of causing even more harm."

Ozuna's camp also admitted that the reggae ton artist paid $50,000 in extortion money - to try and keep the video a secret.

The alleged s*xtape was entitled "NY S*x Chrionicles" and it shows 6 men doing solo intimate scenes. The person believed to be Ozuna was alone in the video, and not with another man.

The adult video, which claims to show "7 exclusive scenes from 9 big d*ck men" was marketed to gay men.

Here is a link to the cover of the alleged s*xtape.


And the story gets even stranger. 

The man who was threatening to expose Ozuna was reportedly killed last week in Puerto Rico. So far authorities are not linking the two incidents.