Redman weighed in on the rap beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly in a sitdown with HipHopDX.

Like the rest of us, Redman enjoyed the lyrical tete a tete, but he felt that one of them emcees did go too far.

"First of all, Eminem came back and was destroying. I'm not going to lie, Eminem is my boy, I hit him up, he already know. When I first heard [Rap Devil], I was like, this sh*t is pretty clever," he said.

"But I'd like to say something to MGK, alright? MGK, you did a great job on that f*ckin' battle, but there's one thing you never f*ckin' do. One thing. And that's talking about a man's sweatpants," the "Smoke Buddah" rapper continued.

"Talk about a man's mama, all that, but do not talk about a man's sweatsuit. I was like damn, my boy Em is wearing a lot of sweatsuits these days.[...] You do not, I repeat you do not talk about a man's sweatpants. I was like f*ck man, talk about my boy's sweatsuit like that!" 

Watch the hilarious clip below.