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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Reddit User Just Spilled Some TEA On NBA Baller Steph Curry . . . Claims Hes CHEAP And MEAN!!! (Details)

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Steph Curry is a CHEAPSKATE according to a man who delivered takeout food to his home.
A man on Reddit described what happened when he showed up at Steph’s house.

Steph Curry has no reason to be mean and stingy. He earns approximately $40 million a year and has an estimated worth of $60 million. Only around $12 million of that money is earned on the court. Curry has mega endorsements from Under Armour, Brita.

Could this be why his wife Ayesha Curry works so hard?

The NBA wife has been busy turning out cookery books and well as becoming a Food Network star and a new face of Cover Girl. Curry's meanness could be forcing her to secure her backup plan. Even if that were the case, they'd never let it show.

During an interview with, Steph Curry explained the couple's caution with sharing their personal life.

" We'll just show each other a photo and ask, "Should I post this?" We know we're in a different situation than most people, but we want to share stuff that's meaningful and not have to be guarded. But there is a balance. We keep certain moments to ourselves, so it's a memory just for us."

We hope that Curry thinks twice before being so mean to the delivery guy in future. These days, even something as small as this could go viral and hurt somebody's brand!