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Reddit Unveils Secret HOLLYWOOD GAY EXPOSE . . . Claims Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Shawn Mendes And MORE Are Hiding . . . Being GAY!! (Wow . . . This Is CRAZY)


The website REDDIT is known for contributing crazy Hollywood conspiracies. But it's also known for breaking some of the biggest stories of 2016.

We're not sure which one this latest "report" - which came from a Reddit user - falls into. But here's what is being said:

Taylor Lautner. I know people who saw him on a date with a guy at a cirque du soleil show lmao. They were sitting in VIP and a little after the show started Taylor, a guy and a girl slipped in. Taylor spent the night hanging off of the guy, then he and the girl left before the show was over and the guy lingered behind for a while. Red carpet photos showed him with the girl as if they were dating. Ha.

Gregg Sulkin. Bella Thorne was 10000% his beard. Zac Efron. Shawn Mendes. Obviously Tom Cruise. [REDACTED BECAUSE SHE'S UNDERAGE] (dated Amandla whatever her last name is from what I know). Kendall Jenner OR Kylie (Kendall strikes me as more of a lesbian though). Taylor Swift- she ****ing owns an apartment in New York with Karlie Kloss and they were photographed kissing at a concert but played it off as "whispering" (yeah because you whisper into someone's mouth...sure). TBH I'm convinced Taylor's whole "girl squad" is designed to mask her sexuality- if she's constantly surrounded by a bunch of women, it won't be weird to see her out with women. Pretty smart.

Queen Latifah. Missy Elliott. Alicia Keys. Sufjan Stevens (I'm pretty sure he has a husband...).

There are a ton, honestly.

Source: I have friends in the industry in both LA and New York and these secrets are poorly kept at best, partially intentionally - let a rumor start, set the person up in a fabricated relationship that boosts the celebrity of both parties, move the accused celebrity into one or multiple more relationships (How can he be gay!? He has been through three girls this month!!) and eventually the rumor has existed long enough to be considered a false rumor.
Hell, I knew Kristen Stewart was into women because she stole my friend's girlfriend when we were 16. But she was supposedly dating Michael Angarano or whatever his name is (she wasn't- she was eating a girl named Jessica out in the front seat of her silver Mini Cooper). It's literally normal entertainment industry standards.