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Rebel Wilson, the big bodied actress, is claiming that Black men in Atlanta considered her to be a '10.'

The actress gave an interview to People Magazine, where she discussed how differently. big women are viewed in Hollywood, as opposed to Atlanta.

Rebel, who prefers to date Black men, spoke to the magazine and made the controversial statement. The Australian actress and romantic comedy star, 39, told People, “L.A. is a bit of a challenge.” 

“I remember when we shot Pitch Perfect 3 in Atlanta. Boy, was I popular there! I should move to a city like Atlanta. I was considered a 10 there.” She adds, “Not to say the people in Atlanta aren’t good looking. But Hollywood’s beauty standards are very unrealistic.”

Rebel is best known for starring in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect film series as Fat Amy, a role that earned her several award nominations. She has also created and starred in Super Fun Night, a television comedy that aired for one season on ABC.