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Rebecca Temme, star of Netflix show Jailbirds was just sentenced to LIFE in prison.

Netlfix's show Jailbirds is a documentary television series about inmates at the Sacramento County Jail, which premiered on Netflix in 2019. Rebecca was one of the inmates featured on the series.

Rebecca, who went by the nickname Baby Girl on the show, was sentenced this week to a life sentence in prison without parole. Rebecca was found guilty of the murder of a 53-year-old woman in 2017.

According to media reports at the time, Rebecca and her accomplice, James Baca, were both found guilty of robbery and first-degree murder in May.

On the Netflix show, 'Baby Girl' described the murder, for which she was just found guilty. On the show she said:

I’m here for a murder and robbery. The victim happened to be my wife. She was a good person. She just made some fu**ed up decisions. Prior to that, me and her had a really big falling out. She was a very outspoken person. That was her downfall.

She got shot execution style. Then I left. And I know how to drive. And I went on a high speed chase because I didn’t want to get caught. Someone got killed and I got caught.

I can’t really discuss it because I’m still fighting it. I regret it. I mean, I feel like you can never forget someone’s face when you see them die. And I’ll never forget her face. Like I’ll never forget the look she gave me.