Reality TV Star Shenikah Weeps Over Protests: Gucci Ain't Did Sh*t To Y'all!!

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Reality television star Shenikah found herself on the wrong side of Twitter after she hopped on social media to cry over the recent protests -- and she wants to know what people have against Gucci.

"It ain't no way I can't come on here and tell you what's going on when I know it's wrong. I'll get in trouble for not telling you this sh*t wrong! God gave me a platform I'm supposed to use it spread His word, and let y'all see His work through me. I'd be wrong if I ain't come on here and say look -- y'all got to stop. Y'all gotta find out what love really is, and what's really going on with y'all," she whined.

According to Shenikah, Gucci has done nothing to hurt or offend the Black community:

"Y'all ain't down here f*cking up the city of Atlanta based upon somebody losing their life. Y'all angry, y'all mad, y'all selfish. Y'all tearing up people businesses -- they not even white people," she continued. "Them people got a family. That sh*t not right! Gucci ain't did sh*t to y'all! Saks ain't did nothing to you! Lenox Mall didn't do nothing to you! These police in Atlanta ain't did sh*t to you either. They ain't did nothing to you, they don't deserve that. Always remember this – do unto others as you wanna be treated --Figure it out! Talking about y'all going on a riot. Y'all crazy!

Peep her impassioned plea to the public below.