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Reality Star Tatted Up Skyy BEAT UP By White Girls Outside Drake Party!! (Video)

Skyy from the popular VH1 Reality show Black Ink got into a tussle outside of Drake's Halloween Birthday Party in Hollywood yesterday. And MTO News learned that according to onlookers at the event, she got "beat up" by a group of White girls.


According to reports, hundreds of women were outside of Drake's party clamoring to get in. There was a lot of pushing and shoving - and allegedly Skyy ended up putting paws on the wrong White girl.


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MTO News located a video that shows the aftermath of the fight, with the White woman standing over Skyy, as the reality star is on the ground struggling to get up.


And the news gets even worse for Skyy. MTO News spoke with multiple partygoers who tell us that after the altercation, Skyy was not allowed into the event. Eventually the reality star had to go home, and clear up her wounds, without partying with Drake.