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The REAL-LIFE Story Of Coming To America . . . Washington D.C. Girl Met An 'Disguised' AFRICAN PRINCE . . . At The CLUB . . . And Ended Up Marrying Him!!!

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Ariana Austin, 33, was out with a friend at Washington D.C.'s Pearl nightclub when she was approached by a plain-clothed Ethiopian prince named Joel Makonnen.

Makonnen, who is most notably known as Prince Joel, the great-grandson Ethiopia's last emperor Haile Selassie I, didn't reveal his royal heritage until the couple started seriously dating 12 years ago.

Makonnen was born in Rome, where his parents were living in exile, and was raised in Switzerland.

His father, Prince David Makonnen, had escaped the bloodshed in his homeland because he was studying abroad at the time.

We know what you're thinking - is he RICH? The answer is NO. Haile Selassie was the 225th and last in the line of King of the Kings of Ethiopia, ruling the east African country for 40 years until he was overthrown in 1974.

The new Ethiopian government has all of Emperor Selassie's wealth.