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REAL LIFE BLACK WIDOW: Woman Is Accused Of Convincing Her HUSBAND And Her SIDE DUDE . . . To Team Up . . . And MURDER HER BABYS FATHER!!!


If any one of y'all have ever watched LIFETIME - you'll know that this story is familiar.

A San Mateo County woman named Tiffany Li is charged with planning the murder of her baby's father Keith Green. And according to police, Tiffany convinced her husband, former NFL player Olivier Adella, and her side dude Kaveh Bayat - to help her kill him.

Tiffany and Keith were involved in a custody battle at the time of his death. They split last year after he caught her cheating on him with Kaveh Bayat, according to Green's former attorney, Mitri Hanania.

Keith, 27, went missing April 29 after arranging to meet up with Li the night before at the a waffle house, according to police. His phone was later found in Golden Gate Park.