Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta turned 50 years old yesterday, and she looks spectacular.

The gorgeous reality star celebrated her birthday quietly, by having a dinner party with her closest friends - at her lovely home, Chateau Sheree.

So what has Sheree been doing lately? Well she's still working on her women's fashion line, She By Sheree which she launched in 2008. Since that time, the company has already sold millions of dollars worth of joggers, and at one point partnered with Nordstrom for the sale of its t-shirts. According to Sheree, her company will also expand into the area of home decor by 2022.

Happy birthday Sheree!!

Here's the beauty:

Sheree didn't always have the glamorous life. She was raised by a single mother of two in Shaker Heights, Ohio, located outside of Cleveland. In 2000, she married retired NFL player Bob Whitfield, but the couple divorced in 2007.

Sheree and Bob have two adult children together, Kairo and Kaleigh, but she also has an older daughter, Tierra, from a previous relationship whom she had as a teenager.