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Real Housewives PORSHA Under Fire; Accused Of Giving 1 Yr Old A 'WEAVE'!! (Pics)

A year and a half ago, Porsha Williams, a 37-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star, gave birth to her and fiancé Dennis McKinley's first child, Pilar. Now MTO News has confirmed that Porsha is going viral for allegedly putting a "weave" in the 1 yr old baby's hair.


Porsha revealed Pilar's adorable new hairstyle. But many on social media were surprised that Porsha decided to use what appeared to be "artificial hair" on the baby's head.

So what's the problem? Well some people believe that Porsha may be damaging the baby's hair follicles by putting a weave in on a child so young.

According to the popular Black hair website,, putting a weave in too early, may damage a girl's scalp for life.

 The hair on a child’s head when she is born is much different from what it will look like at 13. Her hair will change over the years, the color will change, the thickness, and the texture will change as the child grows.

Up until the point of puberty your child will have thinner and more fragile strands that can easily break and get damaged with more stress.

Here are the pics that have Porsha going viral: