Katie Rost, formerly from the Real Housewives Of The Potomac is claiming that she was raped, and she reported the alleged rape to the New Jersey police.

Katie is in the midst of a very bitter divorce and child custody battle with her ex-husband  Dr. James Orsini.

Katie was divorced by the time she starred on the Real Housewives show, but her divorce was a huge part of her storyline.


Now she's sharing very disturbing details about her marriage, and why it ended.

Here's the police report that Kate claims that she filed. The report stated that she was "digitally" r*ped in her butt by the assailant, her husband. The report is from 2012.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.27.05 AM

And here is a gag order, issued by a New Jersey judge, which prevents Katie from discussing her divorce/child custody case publicly. It's not clear whether it applies to the rape allegation that she made to police:

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.51.49 AM

Reports say that "since the Katie Rost miscarriage is confirmed, the remaining question is whether the miscarriage was in any way related to Katie’s ongoing claims about the spousal abuse she allegedly suffered from ex-husband James Orsini remains unanswered."

Both questions came up simultaneously this past Valentine’s Day, when a photo of a naked woman lying facedown on a bathroom floor surrounded by her own blood appeared in Katie’s Instagram feed. The woman’s face was not visible, but fans speculated that it was Katie in the photo. And given that Katie had been calling James out on Instagram for weeks at that point, the photo’s caption — “#metoo” — caused fans to react with horror.

Shortly before taking the photo down, Katie explained what was going on in a response to a fan’s question. “I miscarried,” Katie wrote. “Jacob took the picture, he posted it on my phone, he was mad, said they killed my baby. I am ok, will take this down now.”