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Real Housewives Of Potomac stars Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard went at it last night on Instagram - shortly after the newest episode of their Bravo hit show aired.

What a breakout season for The Real Housewives of Potomac. These women have stepped up their game in a BIG way. Last week’s episode was the biggest of the season thus far. The Michael Darby allegations finally made their way to the show. The revelation came with a lot of drama attached to it among the group. Ashley Darby tried to explain herself, but Candiace Dillard wasn’t having it. 

Speaking on Candiace, her friendship with Monique Samuels is on life support. They almost had a physical confrontation. Hide the umbrellas! Gizelle Bryant owned up to stirring the pot at dinner, but somehow Robyn Dixon is Ashley’s target. Also, Karen Huger gave us THE LINE of the century. Poor Katie Rost didn’t have a good time at her own event. Hopefully tonight is a little more positive!

And both ladies threw jabs at each other.

It all started when Monique started throwing shade towards Candiace - claiming that her rival had "nothing going on in her life" besides the show. Monique also confirmed that she recently BLOCKED her castmate on all social media platforms.


Candiace fired back, claiming that Monique was pretending to be a victim on the show. According to Candiace, her reality show rival has been acting all season.


But Monique wasn't finished - and she clapped back after Candiace's shady post. Monique told fans that Candiace is the one "acting" on the reality show. And she pointed out that Candiace has starred in a bunch of D-list movies.

Here's what Monique said about Candiace:


Here's Candiace's response:


And here's what Monique posted next:


Both women are still being shady on social media, too. Hours ago, shade was thrown on Instagram. Monique answered questions from fans. One fan asked if Candiace has offered a sincere apology yet. Monique said no and the situation reminds her of the one she had with Charrise Jackson Jordan. Candiace clapped back and said Monique is playing the victim.