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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was caught apparently cheating with a young man who is being described online as a "teenage-looking" boy.

The married star of the Bravo Housewives franchise was seen holding hands with the much-younger man as they sneaked around late at night in Miami. posted the shocking photos online this morning, The website claims that married Teresa and the "teen" had a three-day tryst.

Teresa's husband Joe Giudice has been locked up in a Pennsylvania prison for years now, and he faces possible deportation. Publicly, Teresa has been telling the media that she and him are still together, and that she supports him.

But privately, the New Jersey Housewife was seen canoodling all weekend with her boy toy who is at least 20 years younger than her

Here are the images of Teresa caught creeping:

LINK To PHOTO #1 - Holding Hands



LINK To PHOTO #4 - Grabbing Teresa's Butt


“They looked really into each other,” a “spywitness” told Radar. The couple reportedly left the club after the event. Teresa, the guy, and pals then, according to Radar, hit up the SLS LUX hotel, but only stayed for 30 minutes. They then reportedly took an Uber to a Miami condo where Teresa was staying for the weekend. This might not be the first time these two have had a secret rendezvous, as a source told Us Weekly that Teresa was “aggressively flirting with and pursuing a young man” at Big Pink in Miami on New Year’s Eve 2018. “At points, the two had their hands intertwined, and then the man was rubbing her leg in a romantic way.”