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Leanne Lockett from the Real Housewives of Dallas unveiled her new face - after a facelift. And folks on social media believe that the surgery was botched.

Leanne's new face is stretched tight, and her look is very artificial. But more importantly, she looks like a completely different person.

Leanne, whose tagline before each episode is "I grew up a carny kid. Play games with me, and you're gonna pay", seems happy with her new look.

The botched face Housewife is known for bringing the drama on the Bravo reality show. The 51-year-old reality starlet threatened to strangle another housewife on the second season of RHOD in 2017. She also accused fellow housewife Cary's husband of being gay.

Here's how she used to look:


And here's how she looks now:

Leanne is currently engaged to her boyfriend of 9 years - a 30-year-law enforcement veteran named Rich Emberlin.

The Bravo blog explained Leanne's difficulty with being with someone in a dangerous job..."Of course, it's not easy having a loved one who's in law enforcement. "His job was very dangerous, and I lived with him when all of that was going on. When we started dating, he was a SWAT officer. He'd go on call-outs, and I'd sit at home for hours, 'Is he alive? Is he dead? Is someone gonna take me to a hospital?' I mean, I was scared for the doorbell to ring," LeeAnne said. "So I understand and appreciate what the wives of our first responders go through, and I appreciate what the wives of our military personnel go through."