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There's been another minor shakeup in the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. For months there has been speculation that Shamari Devoe would lose her peach. And this weekend its confirmed, New Edition star Ronnie Devoe's wife's peach was snatched!!!

According to multiple sources at Bravo, Shamari will not be an official Housewife next season. And it gets worse, they don't even want her back as a "friend" to the show.

The producer explained, Shamari is unpredictable, especially when she gets drunk. And she didn't fit well with the other housewives."

Official "housewives" get more screen time on the Bravo hit show. They also get paid bigger salaries than cast members that are just "friends" to the show.

And while this is bad news for Shamari, it's great news for Yovanna. Yovanna had a very minor role in last season of the Atlanta Housewives, but this season she'll be featured a lot more prominently.

Yovanna has signed on to be a "friend" of the show. But producers plan on including her a lot more in the upcoming season.

A few weeks ago, Marlo spilled tea that Shamari lost her peach. At the time everyone involved tried to deny the allegations as speculation...

As previously reported, Marlo and Shamari continued their bitter conflict back in April after Marlo got on IG and said that she got her peach snatched from her.

This was in response to an IG post that DeVoe made calling Hampton a fraud and posting a compilation of Hampton’s multiple mug shots.

“Shamari, come on now you’re peachless,” said Hampton. “You’re really still up here tweeting tonight? Peachless Shamari still tweeting. Hey girl. Stay a fan, just be a fan now. Be sweet. You’re peachless now. They’ll give you a peach and snatch it right back won’t they?”

Sources connected to RHOA told the entertainment publication that Hampton would not be privy to contract talks between any of the housewives cast members and Bravo producers.

But it seems as if Marlo allegedly knew something that we all didn't.

We'll have to wait and see how this one play's out.