Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Porsha's Pregnant - First Pregnancy Pics!!

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Porsha Williams from Bravo's hit series Real Housewives Of Atlanta is pregnant, MTO News has confirmed. We spoke with a family member of Porsha's who confirms that she and her on-again-off-again fiance Dennis McKinley are having their second child together.


Porsha's kin explained to MTO News, "She's almost five months, and she's showing. She's not going to be able to hide it much more."

And we have receipts. Yesterday Porsha and her family created a TikTok dance video, and you can clearly see her weight gain and her protruding belly.


Porsha is a television personality and actress. She first gained fame after starring in the television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta since its fifth season in 2012 and Dish Nation since its second season in 2013. She also finished in eighth place on The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2017. Her marriage to football player Kordell Stewart was featured on Platinum Weddings, although they divorced in 2013.

During the recently aired RHOA Reunion, Madame Noire wrote that Porsha is still unsure of her relationship with Dennis, despite this current news:

Andy: If you had to predict, when will you be married?

Porsha: You know, I want to have a New Year wedding. All this crazy stuff going on with the pandemic, I don’t really know when it is. It would be great to have a New Year wedding. So maybe this New Year or next New Year.

Andy: Will any of these ladies be in the bridal party?

Porsha: I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it. To be honest, after my first marriage—Not that my last bridesmaids did anything. I love them to death. Most of them are my family.—I did say that I would like to be standing there just with my sister and my fiancé. He has a brother that he’s really close to too. I really didn’t think about having a bunch of bridesmaids. But you know, a lot of these girls in these squares are very loving and have been very supportive of me. So yes, if I have a bridal party I would definitely be choosing some of these glamazons.