Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams are reportedly married, according to two of the couple's friends and one member of the show's production team.

The current season of the Bravo hit series is currently filming, and Dennis and Porsha have a surprise for fans this upcoming season - a secret wedding . . . allegedly.

One member of the production team explained to MTO News, "Porsha & Dennis storyline involve the cheating allegations and their breakup, and then their sudden wedding."

And when the producer said "sudden," she meant it.

MTO News is hearing credible rumors that Porsha and Dennis ran off and eloped two weeks ago. According to one credible reality show Instagram blog, Porsha finally agreed to sign the prenup, and Dennis married her the same day that she signed the paperwork.

But it's not just producers, or blogs, that are feeding into Porsha and Dennis' secret marriage rumors. Two of the stars of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta appear to have confirmed the rumors also.

Porsha's two closest friends on the show this season, are Shamea and Cynthia. And both ladies are calling Porsha and Dennis "The McKinley's" - suggesting that the two are married: