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Kelly Dodd from the Real Housewives Of Orange County is being accused by her brother - of ABUSING THEIR MOTHER.

Kelly's brother Eric is making the explosive allegations online. Kelly's brother explained that he moved out during Kelly’s sophomore season, in order to purchase a condo with his girlfriend. The disgruntled brother told a blog that he has "tea" on why their mother disappeared from the Bravo show.

“I had to move my mother out of Kelly’s home because Kelly was mentally, emotionally and physically abusing her,” Eric told the blog. Eric claims that Kelly once "threw their mom down stairs."

And Eric claims that he has "receipts" for the alleged tea too. 

He recorded a video of his mother appearing to confirm the abuse allegations. Eric published the explosive "receipt" on Youtube.


Kelly Dodd, real name Kelly Meza, joined the Real Housewives Of OC in their show's 11th season.  Her parents are Bobbi and Frank Meza; she has a younger brother named Eric and she is of Latin descent. 

She has a preteen daughter named Jolie, with her ex-husband Michael Dodd. They got married in 2006 but divorced officially in 2018. Their marriage was often a plot for them on the show where they were seen constantly fighting and trying to make it work. Dodd knew that it wasn’t right for them to be fighting in front of young Jolie, and though she tried to make her marriage work, eventually she threw in the towel. Many who watched the show saw the ups and downs of their relationship and weren’t shocked to hear of the news when it finally ended.