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The new season of the Atlanta housewives has begun filming, and already the ladies are fighting.

So far the biggest drama is between Eva Marcille and Kenya Moore.

According to multiple sources, Kenya Moore and Eva have been going at it- from day one.

An insider explains, “Kenya has been throwing shade towards Eva, and Eva has been returning fire. They are the most interesting on the show so far this season.”

And Eva let Kenya have it publicly on YouTube yesterday. When speaking to fans, she called Kenya a “crater face" and claimed that Kenya “don’t have her original teeth" and she wears “ill fitting wigs with no glue.”

Eva joined the cast as a friend of NeNe’s. Of course she has NeNe’s back when it comes to all of the controversy surrounding NeNe’s connection to Sheree Whitfield’s imprisoned boyfriend Tyrone.

In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Eva explained, “NeNe is a comedian. Let’s be clear. She has a one-woman show, which you should know is absolutely hysterical, if you’ve never seen her. You should. She’s hilarious and what is so amazing about her is that she can poke fun at herself. It’s not that deep. She doesn’t take life that serious. She doesn’t take herself that serious. So people are making this super big deal about Tyrone and she’s like ‘Girl, it’s not that deep. OK, fine. I gave him head. Like whatever.'” That’s a lot more than NeNe originally revealed, but shout out to Tyrone for bringing the most interesting story lines to this show via collect call in a prison cell. He’s doing a lot more for this show than a majority of the paid cast members.

Here’s the full video. She didn’t mention Kenya by name, but it is as clear as day who she’s talking about.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Bravo TV's top rated show. It's currently filming and is expected to start new episodes in November.