R&B Singer Lyfe Jennings Homie Just SNITCHED ON HIM On Facebook . . Claims That Lyfe KIDNAPPED HIM . . . And Tried To Have Him KILLED!!!


R&B singer Lyfe Jennings is known for being DEEP in the street life. And yesterday we got a little glimpse on JUST HOW DEEP he used to be into it.

Lyfe and one of his old friends Kev Lar - who is also an R&B singer - got into it on Facebook. Apparently Ke thought that Lyfe was SHADING him in an interview.

So Kev started SNITCHING. According to him, Lyfe KIDNAPPED HIM at gunpoint. There is NO statute of limitations for federal kidnapping charges.

Lyfe did not deny the claim, in text messages that Kev subsequently leaked on Facebook. Instead Lyfe THREATENED DUDE even further. Lyfe told Kev, "All this nonsense is going to bring you problems."