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R&B Singer Keisha Cole Is Dating A 20 Year Old FAN . . . That She Met On SOCIAL MEDIA . . . But Is That A GOOOD IDEA????

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    Original: learned that R&B singer Keyshia Cole has a new man, and he’s one of her fans.
He's only 20 years old – and an aspiring rapper.

So how did they meet? Well, dude slid into Keyshia’s DM’s and SHOOTS HIS SHOT . . . Next thing you know, they’re in love!

Keyshia Cole has not had the best history when it comes to her relationship. Her relationship with former NBA player and Love &Hip Hop Hollywood star, Daniel "Booby" Gibson fell to pieces after Booby could not remain faithful. Despite him desperately trying to reconnect with his wife to give their marriage another try, Keyshia was done.

She also enjoyed a brief relationship with Toni Braxton's current beau, Cash Money bossman Birdman. That also ended explosively when Keyshia Cole caught him in the act with another female and beat the woman to a pulp!

The 20-year-old is cute and all, but his aspirations of being a rapper raises eyebrows for us. Could he be using her to try and get himself on? Of course, he is! But we're just praying for Keyshia that the love is truly there too. There's only so many times that big ol' heart of hers can go through heartbreak.

Check out the videos below of Keyshia's new love interest below