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R&B Singer Kevin McCall KNOCKED OUT A Girls Tooth . . . And We Have Pics Of Her FACE . . . After Kevin Allegedly POUNDED HER OUT!!!

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Eva Marcelle's babys father, singer Kevin McCall is in trouble with the law. One of his female friends claims that heB EAT HER last night, and knocked out her tooth.

Here is how she descibed the altercation:

I've been crying since the moment it happen. I'm home now... depressed. Feeling like a part of my life was stolen. Smh. Smh. I'm soooooo hurt! I feel dead inside. He literally knocked me unconscious and continued to hit beat me until he saw blood... why?? Because he was being disrespectful, calling me bitches and I politely pulled over and asked him to apologize or get out of my car. What does that get me (yet again)? Beat the fuck up! Like wtf!? 2 lacerations and my front tooth missing! All within an hour! #kevinmccall is definitely paying for this.

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