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Ray J got drunk, and started telling Kim Kardashian's s*x secrets, according to the UK magazine The Sun. The magazine claims that Ray J was drunk out in London last Thursday, and they recorded him talking about his relationship with Kim K.

According to Ray J, Kim has a Louis Vuitton trunk filled with s*x toys. And he had a lot more snitching to do.

Here's some of what he told the UK magazine:

“Kim and I had fun times - marathon sessions. But she didn’t like getting sweaty and would stop to do her make-up if she did.

“She liked to look dope during sex, the right lighting, setting the mood. She was wild - there was a red Louis Vuitton trunk of sex toys.

“She would order out for pizza, the only thing not working up a sweat was the Cristal cooled to 22 degrees... her mom would call and she would nearly always take it.

During a wild 12 hour party session, he also told revellers about Kim’s wild spending habits - claiming she racked up around $100,000 on thongs.

No word yet on what Kanye thinks about this . . .