Princess isn’t the only person that Ray J is trying to patch things up with, because the singer has had a coming to Jesus moment regarding his longtime beef with Fabolous. 

In a new interview with Complex, Ray J discussed his physical altercation with Fab, which happened eight years ago. At the time, Ray J claimed to have “beat up” Fabolous, but Fab denies it. 

The altercation started because Ray J's friend Floyd Mayweather released video of a "concert" at his home, but it was just Ray J playing his hit song 'One Wish' on the piano. Fabolous thought it was funny, and made jokes about Ray on social media.

The next time Ray saw Fab, he allegedly pressed the Brooklyn rapper.

“Fab knows I was trippin' that night. He knows I wasn't right. He knows somebody slipped something in my drink... I'm just playin'. Something happened, I don't know, it was Vegas... I was just turnt up, we was in Vegas."

Fab alleged that whatever Ray J was on was bigger than the war on drugs, and says he was higher than a kite on coke and pills. 

While Ray J didn’t confirm if he was on anything or not, he does admit that he was “tweakin.”