Ray J and Princess Love's marriage seemed like it was over just a few days ago. His reality star wife Princess Love went on Instagram last weekend and put Ray J on BLAST for allegedly "abandoning" her in Las Vegas - to go party with "escorts."

And on Friday Princess, who is 8 months pregnant, told her fans that she wanted a divorce. 

Well MTO News can confirm that she's now backed down from her divorce ultimatum, and is working things out with her husband.

We can also confirm that Ray J and Princess have spoken - and are "working things out."

A person close to Ray J told MTO News, "Ray J's mother Sonja is the one who got him to come to his senses. She reached out to [Princess] mother] and the two mothers stepped in to stop the nonsense."

"Ray J was not treating Princess right, his mama had to come and set him straight," the insider continued. Adding, "But Princess wasn't right either, their business didn't need to be on social media."

According to our snitch, Ray and Princess' mother brokered a phone call between Ray J and Princess, and now the married couple are trying to work out their differences.

"Ray J apologized, and he's begging her to get the family back together," the insider told MTO News.

But don't expect to see any more of their marital drama on Instagram either.

The insider told MTO News that Princess agreed NOT to post any of their personal drama on social media - at least while the couple are trying to work things out.

Hopefully these two can work it out - Princess needs some stability in her life, at least until she gives birth.