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R&B singer Ray J and his reality star wife Princess Love brought their adorable baby daughter Melody - who is 10 months old - to the Kid's Choice Awards yesterday.

Ray J and Princess welcomed their baby girl, Melody Love Norwood last May 23rd. Princess was in labor for over 24 hours, and Melody fought hard during the delivery.

And it wasn't just a hard labor for Melody, it was a hard conception too. During season four of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Princess and Ray J shared their fertility struggles. 

Fans were ecstatic to hear Ray J finally confirm Princess’ pregnancy and even more in awe of how beautifully Princess carried their daughter.

Ray J and Princess initially posted tons of pics of Melody on social media. But haters started making negative comments about the beautiful baby, and so Princess has cut back dramatically on the number of baby pics she shares with fans.

Melody looked like a little angel yesterday, as she tried to walk the red carpet at the Kid's Choice Awards.


“She’s completed us as a family,” Princess tells ESSENCE exclusively. “We’ve grown as people and as parents.”

The couple was married in August 2016 and welcomed their baby girl a few months shy of their second wedding anniversary. But becoming parents helped the couple see each other with fresh eyes.

“I fell in love all over again,” Ray J says. “But I fell in love in a deeper space. We’re more than just husband and wife, we’re blood now, too. I have to make sure she’s comfortable in all aspects of life.”