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Ray J has been caught red-handed - allegedly cheating on his wife Princess Love. And the woman that he was caught out with a woman, who is being described on social media as a "big-headed girl."

Ray J and Princess have been having some marital difficulty lately. Two weeks ago, Princess claimed that Ray abandoned her in Las Vegas - and went out partying with thots.

Well, now he appears to have stepped out again. A new video leaked online, showing Ray J trying to pull a woman into his car. People on social media are upset with Ray J for his alleged cheating.

But Ray J's fans are also upset - because the alleged side piece is not nearly as good looking as his wife Princess.

The woman is being described as having a "big head". Others say that she looks like a professional wrestler. And some are even questioning whether the woman is transgender. 

Heres' the video:

And here's a still shot of the big-headed woman:


Princess Love posted this on social media recently, “If the universe if forcing mutha fu—as out of your life, let that sh*t happen.”

One person told the pregnant: “Make up your mind,” and Princess Love responded: “When did I change it?”

Meanwhile, Ray J has still been dealing with a lot of pressure over the accusations that were brought up against him, implicating him in cheating on Princess Love in various ways (as evidenced above).

Ray J has admitted that he was deeply sorry about his actions, and he wished that he could undo them, but at the same time, he also stated that he would be looking forward to his life if that is what he had to do.