Raven Symone: I've Never Touched My 'Cosby Show' Income


Actress Raven Symone sat down for a recent interview where she confirmed a rumor that she has never touched the coins she made from The Cosby Show.

She was asked about the rumor during a Q&A session with Jerome Trammel.

"So, is it true that you haven't touched your Cosby money?" he asked her.

"Or you mean, like, residuals as of lately? -- I haven't touched my Cosby money," Raven said.

Trammel was full of praise -- "That's a humble flex. And another flex was you was on the Forbes list before your first kiss. Those are flexes. But you deserve them. You worked hard for them."

She thanked him for the compliment.

Raven first started working on The Cosby Show in 1989 when she was just 3-years-old. Her lovable character, Olivia, fast became a fan favorite. After starring on the show for three years, she then went on to star in Hangin' With Mr. Cooper from 1993-1997. Years later she played Raven Baxter in That's So Raven on the Disney Channel from 2003-2007 and reprised the role in 2017 in Raven's Home. Prior to her return to the Disney Chanel as Raven Baxter, she was also a co-host on The View from 2015-2016.