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RATCHETNESS OVERSEAS!!! Love & Hip Hop Stars . . . Filming Scenes . . . IN LONDON!!!


MTO News learned that the new season of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood - is going overseas. According to our TOP SNITCH inside production, the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop will include a cast trip - to London England.

Typically, Love & Hip Hop has been TOO CHEAP to do a cast trip. But they managed to squeeze a couple of extra dollars out of the budget to make it happen.

And for all of you guys that need receipts - we have that too. MTO News obtained images of the cast members - Teairra, Monique, and more filming at a London cafe. You can see they're wearing mics.

Last week we hit you with the tea letting you know who got fired from LHHH and who was coming back. 

The castmembers who were let go were:

MasikaZellHazelNikki BabyKeyshia ColeMarcusBrooke

And here's who stayed and who's new:

Ray and Princess
A1 and Lyrica
K. Michele

The new members include a girl named Alia Rose - who is Teena Marie's daughter. She's also Arin Ray's baby mama.


The new season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is scheduled to premier on VH1 in July 2018.