Rapper Young Thug Claims That He Is 'NOT INTERESTED IN S*X With Women' . . . Hmmmm . . . He's Not Even HIDING IT Anymore!!!


For YEARS there have been rumors that rapper Young Thug is gay. Heck he is wearing a DRESS on his new album cover. Well Young Thug may have unwittingly confirmed those rumors in a recent interview.

In an interview with Thugga and his GF Jerricka, Thug explains how he feels about sex and women.

He says:

THUG: I don't care for sex that much. I never ask [my girlfriend] to have sex, never ever.
The first time that we did grown stuff [Jerricka] led it, She pulled me in the room like come here.

JERRICKA: It was really like six months [before we had sex], I was like what's wrong with this guy, he's weird.

THUG: I just don't care for sex.

See the interview here: