Rapper Young Thug And His Babys Mama . . . Expecting ANOTHER Child!! (PICS)

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Congratulations are in order - looks like Young Thug is having another baby. MTO News got word that his babys mother is expecting. 

Thug and his child's mother have been at odds for years - with his babys moms actually gettig a court order put on the rapper.

Last year, in a court proceeding, Thugga's baby mama went in detail about her struggles with co-parenting with Young Thug after the rapper failed to show up to the party.

"Since before Jeffery gave himself the name Young Thug I have always been the independent woman I am today," she started.


"My children are very innocent in this whole situation," she added. "All they need and want is for their father to love and cater to them just as much as their mother. It's such an unfortunate situation for me to even be writing this. But yesterday my child turned 2 and didn't hear his father's voice say happy birthday. Today he had his birthday party and didn't even see his father."

Looks like they made up. Cause allegedly - the new baby is Thugga's.

As of 2016, Young Thug had six children by four different women. He has admitted in the past that being a father isn't easy. He told GQ Magazine that:

“They ain’t easy. It be like, ‘If I could take this back? Yes, what the fuck was I thinking!’ Haha,” Thug joked. But he does without a doubt provide for his kids. His children all go to private school, although he doesn’t attend PTA meetings or other such functions, saying, “They [the other parents] would probably freak out. I can’t do stuff like that. It’s just hectic.”