Rapper Young M.A.'s 'GHOST WRITER' Is Now Talking PUBLICLY . . . Claims He's The One . . . That Was Getting NECK From STEPHANIE!!! (Do You Believe Him??)


Last week the hip hop world was truned on its head, when Chicago goons claimed that rapper Young M.A. had a ghost writer.

Well yesterday a man who goes by the name of D-Ride is ocming out - and is claiming to be her ghostwriter.

D-Ride claims to be a former member of Diddy’s Bad Boy Record Label, saying he has ghostwritten for a number of well renown artists on the roster.

“I been knowing Young M.A for the past year and a half,” D-Ride said. “She know I been writing a whole bunch of her stuff. I been ghostwriting and I been behind the production also as well. Stop fronting, Young M.A. I been getting calls all day long talking about go ahead and expose her. I’m like nah I don’t wanna do that. I’m still working with her but people just keep egging me on to this. Yo boy D-Ride been ghostwriting for the past 10-12 years when I was up under Bad Boy Records.”

Listen to him: